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Baby Come Home (BaoBei Huijia) is China’s largest and most successful (> 3,000 reunifications and growing) family search volunteer organization, utilizing a volunteer network numbering into the hundreds of thousands to help Chinese adoptees reunite with family in China, FREE of charge.

At no additional charge, we help connect your case details with a volunteer from the # 1 family search volunteer organization in China. 


The proven leader in DNA-based family reunification


DNA Matching Service


2-way shipping included

2 week turnaround

STR DNA profile delivered electronically 

Database matching performed on a monthly basis, with results transmitted to you electronically

Your case assigned to a Baby Come Home volunteer in China, at no additional cost

$ 199

DNA Profile & Matching

5 years Database Matching Service

What else should I know?


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How is my privacy and data protected?

The privacy and security of your data is as important to us as it is to you. 

All DNA profiles are de-identified and personal information is removed before being entered into database. The database is stored offline to ensure safety from viruses and hackers.

We never share individual personal information (name, email, etc.) with other third-parties without your consent.

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How is my case shared with Baby Come Home?

With your consent, we’ll collect and share detailed background information on you and your adoption with our partners at Baby Come Home. Your case will be assigned to a local volunteer in China. After that, they will utilize their local network to search for your family. Neither Genegle, Baby Come Home, nor any volunteer will ever charge any fees associated with the search.

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DNA testing is easy!

  • We'll send you a collection kit with instructions

  • A simple cheek swab (no blood or spit)

  • Takes just 2 minutes

  • Mail to our lab in enclosed envelope

  • Receive your DNA profile by email in 2 weeks

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Do you ever wonder about your biological parents in China? At Genegle, we specialize in using DNA to help US based adoptees reconnect with their biological parents in China. Join us in searching for the answers you've always wanted.

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Come Together.

Since 2006, Genegle has tested more than one million DNA samples. We are China’s first AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) accredited relationship testing laboratory. Our results are recognized by the United States and Chinese governments for legal purposes. 

For many years, Genegle has utilized its capabilities to assist family reunifications in China, providing free DNA testing to more than 1,000 individuals and acting as an essential link in hundreds of successful reunifications. 

Our experts, watched by millions, regularly appear on CCTV-1's (China’s national television station) family reunification program, “Waiting for Me”.

Certified Quality

All testing is done in a world leading, AABB accredited laboratory in the United States.

Our Math. Your Match

Our records containing thousands of profiles of Chinese parents searching for their children, combined with our powerful, proprietary familial matching algorithm gives you the best chances possible of finding your birth parents.

Big Brother? Little Sister?

Find relatives you never knew existed through your shared DNA. Our DNA matching services allows you to match with parents, grandparents, and siblings.

Grown Up.

Come Together.

The highest technical standards meets affordable pricing. We are China’s premier DNA testing laboratory. 

Your DNA profile included with all our database matching services. Results delivered in less than 2 weeks.

We match your case with a volunteer from China’s #1 parent-child reunification organization, FREE of charge.

Find your birth parents in China.

Informed Consent & Terms of Use

Now we’re bringing a database of thousands of profiles from every province in China, an extensive volunteer network, and the best matching technology to help the more than 100,000 Chinese adoptees in the US find their birth parents.


Can I use my data from 23andMe?

Unfortunately, we cannot use data from 23andMe. The profiles in our database are based on STR data, not SNP data which is used by 23andMe and other ancestry DNA tests.

Is the DNA profile STR-based?

Yes. We test 21 loci (20 STR loci and Amelogenin).

Can I include my STR profile from another lab in your database?

Yes. Get in touch with us at to learn how.

How fast will DNA be tested?

We’ll send your DNA profile via email within 2 weeks of receiving your sample.

Where does the DNA reside?

The DNA profile will be included in a proprietary database(s) of Genegle and Baby Go Home to be matched against other profiles to determine likelihood of relatedness. The profile will be de-identified. No personal information will be included in the database.

How many profiles are in the database?

The database has more than 3000 profiles covering every province in China.

Are you actively adding birth families?

Yes. We are actively adding birth families each week. You will receive an update of profiles added to the database each month from both inside and outside of China.

How far back do entries into your database go?

We have profiles of parents in our database in their 70s and 80s.

Where are you finding the birth families?

The birth families find us directly or through Baby Come Home. Baby Come Home is well-known nationally, thanks to their regular presence on central television, so there’s no need to advertise. Parents (and children) routinely contact them and submit their cases.

How do I know if there’s been a match?

Our system generates and sends out a matching report to your email on a monthly basis.

How many DNA based reunifications has Genegle helped make?

As of March 2021, we have tested 3,057 individuals as a part of reunification efforts (1557 of those tests were given free of charge). Of those individuals tested, we have made 413 successful matches.

What happens after 5 years if there is no match?

After 5 years, the client may choose to extend the matching service for a fee (at a still TBD price), not to exceed current price. The search by Baby Come Home will continue and there will never be a charge for it.

Do you accept cases from adoptees outside of the United States?

Absolutely. Please contact us at to coordinate international shipping and payment.

Tell me more about Baby Come Home.

Baby Come Home (宝贝回家,Baobei Huijia), founded in 2007, is a non-governmental volunteer organization officially registered with the civil affairs department. Through a network that comprises more than 340,000 volunteers from all over China, the organization has successfully helped reunite 3197 families, and counting. In 2015, the founders were selected for the “Moving China” people of the year award by China Central Television due to their efforts in family reunification.